SD West was exhausting, and a lot of fun. Both of which are to be expected from a good show.

Personally, it was great to talk to so many customers (and potential customers). I have pages of scribbled notes and ideas, pulled straight from those talks. Thanks!

The Jolt Awards, as hosted by (Dread Pirate) Robert X. Cringely, were a model for all awards presentations to come. By which I mean:

  1. All awards shows should move that quickly
  2. SourceGear products should be nominated whenever possible

We’re proud to say that DiffMerge won a Jolt Productivity Award in the “Change/Config Management” category.

But what you really want to know is, how well did Jeremy fare in his first semi-professional Guitar Hero outing?

Not badly at all. 30-plus wins, 5 losses. Or, I should say, losses to 5 opponents. One kept coming back to stomp Jeremy some more (although Jeremy did win one of the rematches).

That would be Mike. First win (the one we counted):

Mike: 198,692 – Jeremy: 177,175

Jeremy was also stomped by:

Brian: 90031, Jeremy: 76778

Mark: 162,814 – Jeremy: 162,329

Will: 85,357 – Jeremy: 76285

Kevin: 81055, Jeremy: 62373

(his wife is, arguably, very proud)

And finally, the Evil Mastermind guitar was raffled off Thursday evening. In a perfect world, we wanted it to end up in the hands of someone who would play it — not flip it on eBay in a few days. In an even more-perfect world, someone with a son learning to play guitar himself. Hey, how about a whole family of guitar players?

And that’s how it turned out.

Congratulations to Mark and his family!