One of my recent pet projects is to add a number of videos to the Fortress section of Currently, “a number” translates to “three”.

Basically, we’d noticed that while Version Control concepts and features can often be nicely explained in screenshots and text, it’s harder to do on the bug tracking / ALM side of things. Especially when we’re dealing with combined Bug Tracking and Version Control features, and their interaction with IDEs, etc.

But these things are easy, and fun, to show – as we do at trade shows, in person, in our online demos, etc. So the plan is to get as much of that info up on the site as possible.

Why is line history so cool? Let me show you.

How do Fortress “clouds” help you find your way through a forest of Work Items? Let me show you.

And the latest – we’re always encouraging people to take a look at Fortress for themselves. The download’s not huge, the requirements are slight, and installation is quick. But everyone says that, and the installation’s never quick.

So really, how quick? “Minutes”? Really? Take a look.