SourceGear Vault 4.1 and Fortress 1.1 were released today. These maintenance releases are both free upgrades for users of Vault 4.0 and Fortress 1.0, respectively. We highly recommend that you upgrade, as these releases contain many performance and stability improvements, plus some very cool new features.

SourceGear would like to thank our user community for all of the testing, suggestions and feedback during our Beta period.

So what’s new? Visual Studio 2008 integration, Work Item tracking in the standalone client, more integration, easier image handling, and more.

What’s new in Fortress 1.1

(See the release notes for full details)

dl. Tag Clouds:Tag clouds are an exciting new feature in Fortress that allows you to add a few keywords to work items, and then see a graphical depiction of the distribution of those keywords. Similarly, you can view a graphical depiction of the distribution of work items among assignees, milestones, and other work item fields.
New Query Page and support for Saved Queries:The web client has a new Query page and allows you to create, run, edit and delete saved queries.
GUI based work item tracking:The Stand-alone Windows client now has a GUI based bug tracking client.
Easy image attachments:The Windows GUI client, Visual Studio Enhanced Client and the Eclipse client all support pasting image attachments from the clipboard. In addition, a limited image editor is included in order to crop or annotate the image. Also, attachments may be added using drag-and-drop functionality.

What’s new in Vault 4.1 (and also in Fortress)

(See the release notes for full details)

dl. Visual Studio 2008 support:This is the first version of Vault that offers integration with Visual Studio 2008.
Legacy IDE options:Users requested a few options available in the Classic Client be implemented in the VS Enhanced Client. The two options that have been implemented are Get Latest when a solution is opened and Check In when a solution is closed.
VS Enhanced Context Menus:The VS Enhanced Client’s context menus were rearranged in order to provide easier access to commonly used operations.
Better progress indicators In the VS Enhanced client:The Add Solution and Check In commands now give status as to what is occurring.
Refresh Source Control Status:In the VS Enhanced client, there’s a new menu item in the File→Vault submenu to refresh all source control statuses to update file icons in the Solution Explorer.
64 bit support:We’ve corrected the installer issue that was preventing server installs on a 64 bit OS. IIS will still need to be put into 32 bit mode.
Ant Tasks:Tasks are included for calling Vault source control operations from the Ant build tool.
Java CLC:For users on non-Windows platforms, there is now a Java based command line client.
New Web Diff Page:The Web Diff page has been rewritten to make it more useful for code reviews.