The new betas are out! Fortress 1.1b2 and Vault 4.1b2 dropped today — see the release notes here, download Fortress 1.1b2, or download Vault 4.1b2.

Vault Changes since Beta 1:

dl. VS.Net Context Menus:The VS.Net Client’s context menus were rearranged in order to provide easier access to commonly used operations.
Better progress indicators In the VS.Net client:The Add Solution and Check In commands now give status as to what is occurring.
Refresh Source Control Status:In the VS.Net client, there’s a new menu item in the File→Fortress submenu to refresh all source control statuses to update file icons in the Solution Explorer.
New Look:After 5 years with the same icons, Vault now has a new icon set.
64 bit support:We’ve corrected the installer issue that was preventing server installs on a 64 bit OS. IIS will still need to be put into 32 bit mode.
Project Rename:Projects can now be renamed in the Visual Studio client.
Fix for an unregistered dll:Numerous people upgrading from the 4.0 client to the first 4.1 beta noted exceptions caused by an unregistered dll. This beta should fix those issues.
Fixed Eclipse 3.3 thread access errors:Eclipse 3.3 caused some problems on startup, giving a thread access error.
Other bug fixes:Lots of other minor tweaks and fixes to issues reported in Beta 1.

Fortress Changes since Beta 1:

dl. New GUI based work item tracking window:The new work item tracking window allows you to query, add, edit, and browse work items without leaving the Fortress Client. Also, the new work item tracking window provides all of that capability while browsing for bugs to update with a source control check in.
Image Paste and Edit:The Image paste and edit functionality which was only available in the Eclipse client for the first beta is now available in the Fortress Visual Studio client and the standalone GUI. In addition, work item attachments can be added by dragging files onto the attachment control.