Seems like a good moment to start my “work blog”. A new release is certainly an up note on which to begin, and Vault 4.0.1 and Fortress 1.0.1 were released today. The Sourcegear dev team has incorporated tons of feedback and testing in the days since Vault 4.0 and Fortress 1.0 were released; and the results are excellent — as expected. See the release notes here or here for details.

Oh, and — hi. I’m Paul. That guy. I’ve been with SourceGear for a few weeks now, but haven’t had much to say, as yet. Stirring a number of pots right now, and I’ll be sure to make noise when I have something concrete to show for it. Meanwhile, I’m happy to point you to the fruits of my co-workers’ labors. Which is my job, at heart.

Speaking of which, I had a great time manning the booth at TechEd last week; meeting new, old, and potential customers was ridiculously informative. And as the week went on, conversations felt much less like “Stump the New Guy.” By Thursday, I almost never had to call Ian for backup. Almost.

It is a bit perplexing that so many people came by the booth; let us know they were still using SourceSafe; described their desire to move on from that; and wondered if any of our products might somehow be useful.

The optimist in me looks at it this way — if that many people don’t know that Vault is a slam-dunk upgrade from SourceSafe, we have a huge new audience waiting for us. Just gotta find them, or more to the point, help them find us.

And I haven’t even seen Kill Bill: Vol 2 yet.