Remember that SourceOffSite CTP release I mentioned? It’s here. Jeff has the details if you’d like to try it out.

Why are we doing another update of SoS? Shouldn’t everybody just get away from SourceSafe and into Vault or Fortress? In a perfect world, sure.

But we know a lot of you are still living with SourceSafe, now and in the forseeable future, for all the usual reasons – time, budget, inertia, IT priorities that outrank your SCC provider. And we feel for you, and want to continue helping via SoS.

And now, we can help even more.

A folder-spanning “pending changes” window, so you don’t forget to check in one of the 50 file in your latest web update? Got that.

Multiple tabs, allowing you to keep tabs on your searches, your history, and everything else in your multitasking day? That too.

Performance? Yep. Stability? Sure. Modern UI? Gotcha.

Give it a shot (Windows only right now, BTW) and let us know what you think.