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SourceOffSite 5.0.1 Released

Hot on the heels of SourceOffSite 5.0’s release, SoS 5.0.1 is out with some important bug fixes. The SoS dev and QA team put a lot of effort into getting a solid, well-tested release out in a very short time span. Nice work.

Key changes in this release:


  • Get latest on a folder now correctly retrieves missing files in the immediate folder.
  • Project History maintains History options for “Include Files”, “Include Labels”, and “Labels Only” between client sessions.
  • View/Edit tool has been corrected to save the settings in the User options.
  • The IDE can be configured to not emit a disconnect message which may crash IDEs such as VB 6.
  • The Auto connect option used from within the IDE client now connects upon opening a project.


  • The server corrected a problem where project history incorporating a FROM or TO label to sets the boundaries for the History results.

If you’re a SourceOffSite user and haven’t yet seen SoS 5… you really, really should. Looks, features, performance — this is a huge upgrade.